MGT 405 Fall 2022

Week 1: intro to gig economy

Week 2-3: this ain’t a new problem, folks! (changing nature of work trends, employment classification and its implications)

Week 4-6: exploring platforms and organizing what we know about them

Week 6-7: evidence-based management 

Week 9: measuring the gig economy

  • Observer: Data about the creator economy varies so widely no one knows how many influencers there are (Jones, 2022)
  • Online Labour Index/Observatory
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: Electronically-mediated employment
  • Pew Research: Online selling & home sharing
  • Pew Research: “Super users”
  • Pew Research: The state of gig work in 2021
  • Pew Research: Ride-hailing apps
  • Problems at BLS:

Week 9-10: being a gig worker – first- and second-hand experiences; reports on the “typical” or “profile” of gig workers

Week 11-12: worker issues – including universal basic income, occupational health, collective action and cooperatives

Week 13: fairness – general review of the evidence so far re: gig economy and fairness; fairness in ratings; the digital divide; reputation inflation 

Week 14-15: so what? – considerations of how MGT concepts apply/don’t; intersections of gig economy and traditional biz; norms and ethics in the gig economy; the “dark side” of the gig economy; what gig work means for us (personally, as workers, as managers)