Dr. Brawley Newlin is an Assistant Professor of Organization & Management Studies (OMS) at Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA.

Her research focuses on novel or understudied work populations, including microbusinesses and “gig” workers. Her work focuses on how (and whether) findings from OMS apply in these different work settings.

Email: abrawley@gettysburg.edu

Office: Glatfelter 412

Spring 2019

Office hours: Tues & Thurs 11am – 1pm

Statistical Methodssyllabus | Work Motivationsyllabus

Recent papers

Rosopa, Brawley, Atkinson, & Robertson (2019): On the conditional and unconditional Type I error rates and power of tests in linear models with heteroscedastic errors

Garst, Gagnon, & Brawley (2018): Efficacy of online training for improving camp staff competency

Brawley (2017): The big, gig picture: We can’t assume the same constructs matter

Brawley & Pury (2017): Little things that count: A call for organizational research on microbusinesses

Other resources and info

Faculty spotlight in The Gettysburgian | Interview about the gig economy with On Target podcast for The Gettysburgian | Google Scholar | @IOAliceB

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Fall 2018 course info: Statistical Methodssyllabus | The Gig Economysyllabus – reading list

Spring 2018 course info: Research Methodssyllabus | The Gig Economysyllabusreading list

Fall 2017 course info: Statistical Methodssyllabus | Research Methodssyllabus



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